About Us

PEL Associates provides new and novel materials services, and smart products via three Divisions, the Polymer and Plastics Division (PEL PPD) founded in 1995, the Smart Sensor Systems (PEL SSS) and Smart Coating Systems Divisions (PEL SCS) founded in 2005 and 2009 respectively. These three divisions present unusual synergistic opportunities.

The PEL PPD Division provides a variety of services in polymer and plastic technology, including product development, process optimization, manufacturing support, and materials selection and evaluation. PEL Associates has broad experience in this industry, ranging from resin, and film manufacture to consumer products, transportation, and aerospace. PEL PPD is the Central Research Division in which new products are conceived, researched, and developed, and from which the other Divisions are formed (www.pelassociates.com ).

The PEL SSS and PEL SCS Divisions develop smart sensors, and self renewable coating arrays respectively, for industry, marine, defense and homeland security. The sensors are low cost, passive, micro or larger in size and can be activated with response by any of many physical or chemical parameters. Our coatings are also unique. No other coating product available is renewable on command, can be micro to nano in thickness, and is applicable to many important new and novel applications such as ship hull antifouling and aircraft deicing on command.
As President of PEL Associates, my experience spans over thirty years resulting in twenty-five publications, many pending and existing patents, and key contributions to government (as prime contractor to e.g., DARPA, ONR, NAVAIR), and commercial developments in high performance composites, novel consumer products, and engineered materials (Dow, Exxon Mobil, Sikorski Aircraft). Our Associates are world class scientists and engineers with skills in many areas of science and engineering. Our activities cover many key areas of technology including:

  O Smart Sensors & Coatings, Photonics
O High Performance Materials, Composites
O Polymer Films, Thermoplastic Elastomers
O Biodegradable Polymers, Recycling
O Polymer Processing and Scale-up
O Product & Market Development
O Technology Transfer & Strategic Planning

We can meet your needs in materials and smart product technology with experience and integrity. Your inquiries are invited: mlwallach@pelassociates.com, (860) 448-6522.




What We Do:
From concept to application using advanced materials and process technology, we design and develop smart nano and micro sensors and self-renewable coatings. Our team of about seven scientists, engineers and technicians provides needed novel products for industry, marine and defense. Key clients are DARPA, U.S. Navy, and Missile Defense Agency. Sensor applications include anti-submarine warfare, port security, container security, aircraft safety, & drug delivery. Coating uses include: ship anti-fouling, power plant intakes, CBW, medical stents, electronics, and photonics.

What Makes Us Unique:
Our sensors are low cost, passive, micro  in size or smaller and optically activated. At just pennies each there is virtually no competition. The closest item on the market today are the MEMS devices at about 50 to $1 each. Our renewable coatings are also unique. No other coating product available is renewable on command, can be micro to nano in thickness and is applicable to so many important new and novel applications.

Location: Groton
Founded: 2001
Employees: 7
CEO: Mort Wallach
Industry: Defense
Market: Technology
Novel/Low Cost
Micro or Nano Composite
Readily Manufactured
Flexible Design & Trigger
Many Applications
Unique Coating Array
Micro or Nano Layers
Sheddable on Command
Many Applications
Large Diverse Markets
DARPA,  Dow Chemical
NAVAIR,  Exxon Mobil
ONR,  Sikorski Aircraft
MDA,  Carlisle SynTec



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