PEL has developed new and novel systems technology for detection and tracking including: missiles at any stage of launch, and IED location and intruder signature, and torpedoes via their propulsion signature.

Missile Defense

A micro-sensor aerosol system concept is developed to remotely establish the track of incoming missiles.  The technology is based on low-cost passive polymeric composite cloud system.  The technology is most effective in booster phase and in near real time verification and destruction or disabling of the warhead of adversary missiles.  On cloud detection of missile location at time specific the track is then handed off to radar system.


Improvised Explosive Device (IED)

Smart sensor technology is developed to protect personnel from the explosive action of IEDs.  The system consists of land based smart micro sensor detectors and sensitive airborne or land based camera processing units.  The sensors are typically sown over roadways and adjacent regions and are indicative of topography changes and activated by specific pressure levels characteristic of the weight of transiting intruders, or vehicles. The activated sensors emit characteristic optical signals detected by sensitive camera/communication system.


Torpedo Detection

Smart micro-sensor system technology is developed to protect ships from torpedoes.  PEL smart sensors will instantaneously communicate torpedo location and activate response. These sensors can be placed in strategic position to protect battle groups, carriers and other important assets.