PEL Associates is developing novel photovoltaic technology applications for solar cells to provide clean alternative energy sources.  Intelligent grid sensors are being developed to prevent blackouts, reduce downtime, and frequency of interruptions, and provide enhanced rate of restart.  These products take advantage of the unique and flexible features of our smart micro sensors and smart renewable coatings adapted to particular end use.

Solar Cells

Current solar cells need enhanced efficiency and lower cost which may be achieved via our novel tailored nano sensor designs. Our solar cell/sensor systems offer advantages in various applications including: 1) printable/coatable systems for laminates to cell phone or laptop, or 2) solar coatings on auto for fuel saving, and 3) photovoltaic spray painted building tiles, vehicles, or billboards. Systems such as these offer clean energy and can eventually be connected to the power grid.  Soon solar energy will compete with coal, wind, and nuclear power.

Intelligent Grid

PEL smart micro sensor and coating array technology can provide self healing fault detection, and self optimization of voltage, current, and power.  Advantages include: efficiency of operation, decreased downtime, enhanced safety of operation, with improved profit margins.  DOE is currently considering further activity in this important area.