PEL Associates is an innovative technology company providing new and novel technology and systems engineering services for industrial, marine, defense and homeland security requirements. Our  approach employs advanced materials and processing, and new chemistry systems frequently keyed to new product designs providing novel functionality.

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PEL has done work for major U.S. and Connecticut companies including Sikorsky Aircraft, Dow Chemical, Electric Boat, and government agencies such as ONR, NAVAIR and DARPA. Our new micro/nano sensor products including smart micro composites and smart renewable nano coatings are being successfully applied to many new and useful applications.

US Federal Contractor RegistrationOther PEL services include product and market development, process optimization, manufacturing support, technology transfer, and strategic planning. PEL is currently an industrial affiliate at the University of Connecticut's Marine Sciences and Technology Center in Groton, CT.

Current sensor activities involve applications of our smart micro sensors, renewable nano/micro coatings to ASW, container, border, chem/bio, airport and aircraft security, IED, missile and torpedo detection, underwater vehicle  tracking, and many other new promising products for industry, marine, and defense.


Defense Current work involves new passive, non-acoustic, anti-submarine smart sensor and communication package development including system design, and manufacturing feasibility, and non-cooperative underwater vehicle tracking via smart sensors, and submarine forward escape trunk hatch cofferdam system design and installation.  New smart sensor technology involves detection/ communication systems for IEDs, missiles, and torpedos.
Homeland Security & Surveillance PEL is developing new and novel low cost sensors for shipping containers and port security. Over 16 million containers arrive in the U.S. each year by truck and in container ships posing potential CBW and radiation hazards. Our new and novel sensors aim at protecting against these homeland security threats. New smart sensor and renewable coating technology involves border security, chem/bio detection, aircraft (de-ice & wind shear) and airport (manpad) security.  PEL Detection & Surveillence Camera & Communication Systems are state of the art Gen I-III and can be tailored to various requirements for security, industry, and defense applications 

Technology Transfer Novel patent protected smart sensors are comprised of multilayer polymeric nano and micro-composites with applications in medical, electrical, industrial, defense and homeland security. These small, low cost, passive sensors are undetectable and will trigger, detect, and communicate resulting information. Morton. L. Wallach, et al, US Patent 7,345,596  "Smart Polymeric Multilayer Sensors", Issued 3/18/08.

Unique patent protected smart nano and micro-coatings have applications in medical, automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial and defense areas. These smart coatings will provide end-uses such as smart switching, antifouling coating removal on command, smart membranes, lenses, and new electronic and photonic devices. Morton. L. Wallach, US Patent 7,390,560 "Smart Coating Systems", issued 6/24/08

Other of PEL's Pending Patents cover: Container Security, Port Security, Border Security, Missile Detection, Stand-Off Chem/Bio Detection, Aircraft Wind Shear Detection, Aircraft De-Ice Systems, IED Detection Systems, and Periscope Head Window Defouling

Materials & Applications PEL Associates has three decades' experience providing services in materials technology, including product development, process optimization, manufacturing support, and materials selection and evaluation. PEL has broad experience, ranging from resin and film manufacture to consumer products, aerospace, and defense.  Current new and novel materials innovations include smart sensors, renewable coatings and composites.
Other New Promising Areas PEL's Smart Micro Sensors & Renewable Nano-Coatings Have Demonstrated Potential In Many Areas Such As: Information Technology Including-Optical Chip Sensing, Filter Switches, Ink Jet Sensor Delivery (Displays, Elec/Electronic), and Alternative Energy Including-Intelligrid Communication, Solar Cells, and Novel Medical Apps. Including-Multi-Drug Stents, Bio Film Removal, and Industrial Apps. Including-Position Sensing & Control, and Responsive Graphics & Signs.