PEL Associates Proprietary


With the present terrorist threat environment, protection from chemical/biological, flame, and sharp instruments can be required. Protection for personnel and First Responders is needed.. We have simple, quick, low cost and effective protection methods.

SmartCoat provides:

  • threat-protection coatings
  • controlled interfacial bond strength, so that layer removal can be done by simply peeling.
  • chemical or biological decontamination by layer removal.
  • protection against combinations of different threats (e.g., two or three) employing differently designed SmartCoat layers.
  • protection from chemical-biological contaminated top layer shown in Figure 1, or dual threat two layer protection capability.
  • initial gel spray to quickly begin decontamination prior to pealing
  • discard of layer into sealable containers
  • threat protection from fire resistance, and knife/stabbing resistance.
  • combinations of threat decontamination

Figure 1

Method is quick, simple and easy to employ.
One and two layer systems of selected materials are available.

Patent Protected: US 7,390,560, US 7,807,251