For Immediate Release

Date: March 16, 2009
From: PEL Associates
Tel/Fax: (860) 448-6522

PEL Associates Wins US Patent on Port Security

Groton, CT- PEL Associates was awarded a United States patent (US 7,495,572) “Smart Sensor Systems-Swimmer Detection” for technology to protect ports. The concept employs specially designed sensors which will mark the swimmer/diver and enhance acoustic detection. Applications include protection of port assets including military bases, power plants, chemical plants, marinas, and other shore-based facilities.

PEL Associates has a number of patents pending including: aircraft deicing, wind shear detection, underwater and roadside explosive detection, and toxic marine agent detection and countermeasures. PEL is located at the University of Connecticut in Groton, CT.

PEL Associates ( provides new and novel technology and systems engineering for industrial, marine, defense, and homeland security requirements. Activities focus on advanced materials and processing, and new chemistry systems such as our “Smart Coating Systems” for ship hull antifouling on command. PEL has served over 200 clients and several Connecticut companies including Sikorsky Aircraft, United Technologies, Electric Boat as well as DARPA, NAVAIR, and ONR.

Morton L. Wallach, President