For Immediate Release

Date: June 28, 2007
From: PEL Associates
Tel/Fax: (860) 448-6522
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For Immediate Release

PEL Associates Publishes Fifth Book

Groton, CT - Dr. Morton L. Wallach, President and CEO of PEL Associates at 1084 Shennecossett Rd. announces that PEL Associates has published a fifth book in a series on “Advances In Polymer Technology And Applications”. Included are applications of new materials technology such as:1) nanoarrays with potential for enhanced information storage and new electro-optical devices, 2) new light harvesting materials with potential in more efficient solar cells, 3) advanced toughened blended materials for auto bumpers, 4) nanomedicine (gene therapy) where molecular devices are designed to infiltrate living cells to detect pre-malignant and cancerous changes, & then release a substance to kill the cancerous cells, 5) advances in lithography to crowd more information on smaller chip features, 6) 360 degree radar for safer aircraft navigation and collision avoidance for automobiles, and 7) new PEM fuel cell membranes to allow operation at higher temperature (>80C) and at low cost.

These advances and much more are discussed in this newly released 134 page book. The information represents a potential springboard to further development of new and useful products. The materials technology and targeted applications were derived, capsulated, focused, and organized from a review of hundreds of articles and patents in selected areas worldwide. References, patent citations, author and subject indices are provided. PEL - an innovative technology company - is located at the Marine Sciences Technical Center at the University of Connecticut in Groton, CT.

PEL Associates ( provides new and novel technology and systems engineering for industrial, marine, defense and homeland security requirements. Recent activities focus on submarine, border security, aircraft security, chem/bio detection and high performance industrial applications, employing advanced materials and processing, and new chemistry systems frequently keyed to new designs providing innovative functionality. PEL has served over 200 clients and several Connecticut companies including Sikorsky Aircraft, United Technologies, Electric Boat, Dow Chemical, and Sonalysts, as well as DARPA, NAVAIR, and ONR.

Morton L. Wallach