For Immediate Release

Date: September 1, 2009
From: PEL Associates
Tel/Fax: (860) 448-6522
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For Immediate Release

PEL Attends DOT Meeting in McLean, VA

Groton, CT - PEL Associates was an invited speaker at the Federal Highway Administration (FHYA) Turner-Fairbank Research Center in McLean, VA. This event gathered together selected scientists and engineers from leading business, military and academic institutions involved with smart particle materials which may be useful in in-situ hydraulic research and technology.

The meeting was headlined by well known expert panelists, and presentations from two universities and three companies including PEL Associates who reviewed itís smart sensor capabilities to monitor various underwater parameters including detection of structural changes in bridge pier environments and riverbeds under hazardous weather conditions. PEL Associates is located at the University of Connecticut in Groton, CT, (, 860 448-6522)

PEL is a growing business enterprise providing new and novel technology and systems engineering for industrial, marine, defense and homeland security requirements. PEL Associates has served over 200 clients and several Connecticut companies including Sikorsky Aircraft, Electric Boat, Dow Chemical as well as government agencies ONR, DOT, DARPA, and NAVAIR.

Morton L. Wallach