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Date: November 8, 2010
From: PEL Associates
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For Immediate Release

PEL Associates Wins US Patent

Groton, CT- Mort Wallach dba PEL Associates was awarded a United States patent (US 7,807,251) “Smart Coating System-Aircraft Deicing & Periscope Defouling” for technology to remove aircraft ice in flight, and also to clean off fouling from a periscope head window in-situ. The concepts employ specially designed sensors and coating arrays releasable on command.

Accumulation of aircraft icing during flight can be very serious and could lead to loss of control or crash landing. On the ground, aircraft ice accumulation can cause delays and cancelations. Providing periscope head windows with a clean clear surface eliminates distortion without having to surface and manually remove the fouling. The method is applicable to many other areas as well. PEL Associates is located at the University of Connecticut in Groton, CT (860 448-6522).

PEL Associates ( ) provides new and novel technology and systems engineering for industrial, marine, defense, and homeland security requirements. Activities focus on advanced materials and processing, and new physical and chemical systems. PEL has served over 200 clients, several Connecticut companies and government agencies DOT, DARPA, NAVAIR, and ONR.

Morton L. Wallach, President