For Immediate Release

Date: March 15, 2011
From: PEL Associates
Tel/Fax: (860) 448-6522
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For Immediate Release

PEL Associates Wins US Patent

Groton, CT- Mort Wallach dba PEL Associates was awarded a United States Patent “Smart Sensors For Perimeter And Border Security”. Applications include protection of our borders, airports, chemical, and nuclear power plants. Business plans for this and other recent Wallach patents are under preparation. Job creation potential is significant.

The concept employs specially designed sensors which detect the passage of intruders and provide a response picked up and communicated via specialized cameras. PEL Associates is located at the University of Connecticut in Groton, CT (860 448-6522).

PEL Associates ( provides new and novel technology and systems engineering for industrial, marine, defense, and homeland security requirements. Activities focus on advanced materials and processing, and new physical and chemical systems. PEL has served over 200 clients, several Connecticut companies and government agencies DOT, DARPA, NAVAIR, and ONR. 

November 2012: Congratulations on PEL Associates being recognized as a 2012 Tech Company to Watch at the Connecticut Innovation Summit, sponsored by Cantor Colburn. As a board member of the Connecticut Technology Council and the co-managing partner of an intellectual property law firm, I am genuinely excited about your company’s contribution to innovation and entrepreneurship in Connecticut. It is important that Connecticut-based companies such as yours are recognized and supported as they lead the way to future growth in the state and the region.