Dr. Wallach has twenty-five publications and numerous patents (eight recently filed). In addition, PEL Associates publishes annual reviews of recent progress in polymer/plastics technology and applications.  Examples are cited below.

Selected Papers, Books & Patents

Patent Pending, M. L. Wallach, "Smart Polymeric Multilayer Sensors-Submarine Detection", 3/17/03.

Patent Pending, M. L. Wallach,  "Smart Polymeric Multilayer Sensors-Swimmer Detection", 3/17/03

Patent Pending, M. L. Wallach, "Smart Polymeric Multilayer Sensors-Missile Detection & Aircraft Wind Shear Detection", 3/17/03

Patent Pending, M. L. Wallach, Smart Polymeric Multilayer Sensors-Container Security & Chemical/Biological Standoff Detection ", 3/17/03

Patent Pending, M. L. Wallach, "Surface Renewal of Antifouling Coatings on Command", 4/15/03

Patent Pending, M. L. Wallach, "Aircraft Deicing on Command", 1/10/07

Patent Pending, M. L. Wallach, "Submarine Periscope Head Window Defouling On Command", 1/15/07

Patent pending, M. L. Wallach, "Smart Sensor IED Location & Detection", 1/17/07

Wallach, M.L., PEL Annual Update 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999/2000: Recent Progress In Polymer/Plastics Technology.

Wallach, M.L., 1990. U.S. Patent 4,948,823 Nucleating Systems.

Wallach, M.L., 1991. U.S. Patent 5,075,374. Polyester-Polycarbonate-Graft Polymer Alloy.

Wallach, M.L., and Madan, S., 1987. Engineering Resins: High Technology Materials. SPI/SPE Plastics-West Conference. October.

Wallach, M.L., Ikeda, R.M., Angelo, R.J. 1970. Multiple Glass Transitions of Block Polymers. II. Differential Scanning Calorimetry of Styrene-Diene Block Copolymers. In Block Polymers. Plenum Press.

Wallach, M.L., 1968. Structure-Property Relations of Polyimide Films. J. Polymer Sci. A2(6):953.


PEL Books


"PEL Annual Updates" are broad-based books citing the best works in key areas of polymer research & development and applications.  Below is a summary of a typical Annual Update.  Five books are available for 1999/2000 Millennium Issue, 1998, 1997, 1996, and 1995. Details are given in the page on Annual Update.


PEL Annual Update 1996
Recent Progress In Polymer/Plastics Technology

By Morton L. Wallach
ISBN 0-9658938-1-2

106 pages, Appendices, Indexes, $99.00
This annual update reviews progress in polymer/plastics technology in 1996. Topics include the hot button issues of catalysis, biopolymers, smart/functional polymers, alloys & blends, and polymer modification. The approach brings together in one volume the bimonthly newsletters PEL Plastics Update to give a focused overview, and track progress of key published work in these areas.

The author reviews the latest progress as presented at key national and international meetings, published in very important scientific and trade journals, and patented world-wide, by the foremost authorities in these fields. All of the citations are well documented and referenced so that researchers and technical leaders can delve deeper into those areas which are of specific interest to them.

Key accomplishments and directions of this work are indicated. The author points out some interesting avenues and noteworthy applications which are worth pursuing. This work can serve as a refreshing review, putting the most important new technology and its applications before the scientific and industrial community.

The 1995 Annual Update is also available and the two Annuals (1995 & 1996) can be obtained as a set.

Contents Include:

Catalysis - metallocene technology, new transition metal polymerizations, chemical amplification, reactor Ziegler-Natta catalysis, living free radical procedures, and Ziegler-Natta/metallocene combinations.

Smart/Functional Polymers - light emitting diodes, photorefractive composites with C60-fullerene, electrooptic wave guides and switches, thermosensitive hydrogels, smart dendritic and hyperbranched polymers, high Tg NLO materials, semiconducting polymer lasers, and super high density data storage.

Biopolymers - Oligonucleotide research, DNA recognition, events that damage the genetic code, and drug delivery systems

Alloys & Blends - key patents, reactive vs non-reactive blends, compatibilization of (PET/HDPE), (PBT/PPO), (PA6/ PC), (PS/EP), and (PMMA/PS), surface segregation and healing, and asphalt/SBS polymer systems

Polymer Modification - metalization techniques, polyphosphazine elastomers, polyimide nanofoams, and PEEKK comb-type polymers.

Key conferences discussed include Pacifichem95, The 1st Intersociety Polymer Conference, The Semi-Annual Biodegradable Polymer Conference, The National ACS Meeting in Orlando, and The 20th IUPAC Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products.

The PEL Plastics Update Newsletter
by Mort Wallach
ISSN 1094-656X

The newsletter highlights recent progress in key areas of polymer/plastics technology including: catalysis, biopolymers, smart/functional polymers, nanotechnology, alloys & blends,  polymer modification and new polymer/plastics ventures.  It covers advances reported at national and international meetings, published in scientific journals and patented worldwide.  Back issues are available from 1995 to 2002.