PEL PLASTICS UPDATE highlights recent progress in key areas of polymer/plastics technology including: catalysis, biopolymers, smart/functional polymers, alloys & blends, nanotechnology, polymer modification and new ventures.

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Sept.-Oct., 1998

NIST & Edison Polymer Corp. Consortiums
Polymer Nanotube Composites
Cyclopentene Via Ni & Pd Catalyst Complexes
Biodegradable Polycarbonates Via Zn/Bulky Ligand Catalysts
Smart/Functional Polymers
Combinatorial Routes To Photorefractive Resins
Alloys & Blends
Nylon 6 Modified PP/Olefinic TPV Blend
Recent Patents
High Performance Polymers/Polyimides
Polyimide Membranes For Gas Separation
Functional Polyimides
New Ventures & Alliances
Royal Dutch Shell Group Sale Plans
Solutia/Dow Plastics Nylon 6,6 Alliance

May - June, 1998

High Performance Materials
Corn-Derived 3GT Intermediate
Smart/Functional Polymers
Integrated Field-Effect Transisters/LEDs
New Alcohol Terminated Polyester Dendrimers
Alloys & Blends
Nylon/PVC Blends
Recent Patents
New Ventures & Alliances
Occidental Chemical/Geon PVC Venture
DuPont's Separation Of Conoco
New Catalyst Alliances

March-April, 1998

Nanotechnology & Dendrimers
Hyperbranched Nanofoams
Novel Polyphenylene Dendrimers
New Iron And Cobalt Olefin Catalysts
Self Assembly
Rod-Coil Block Copolymers
Alloys & Blends
Dispersed Droplet Breakup Vs Probability Of Coalescence
Recent Patents
New Ventures & Alliances
Akzo Nobel To Aquire Courtaulds
Sale Of Hoechst's Polyester Business
IBM Plans To Purchase Chem Systems

Jan.-Feb., 1998

Mineral Filled Nanocomposite Developments
Nanometer-Scale Wires
Smart/Functional Polymers
Photorefractive Polymers For Imaging
New Polymers via Double-Headed Initiators
Alloys & Blends
Polypropylene/Polycarbonate Blends
Recent Patents
New Polymer Ventures
Cargill Dow Polymers LLC

Sept.-Oct., 1997

New Nanoscopic Silicate/Polymer Composites
Polyimide Nanofoam Films For Microelectronics
Polyimide Composite Waveguides
Supramolecular Structures
Polyion Films Form Microstructures By Self-Assembly
Proposed Mechanism Of Protein p53 In Cancer Protection
Alloys & Blends
Nylon/Polyethylene Compatibilization
Selected Patents
Automotive Plastics
New Car-Body Materials/Composite Concept Vehicle
New Polymer Ventures
Major Companies Enter PEN Business

July - August, 1997

Nanoscale Organic-Inorganic Si-O Hybrid Intermediates
Novel Nanostructures Via Holographic Photopolymerization
Hyperbranched Structures Via Cationic Self Condensing Vinyl Routes
New ROMP Amphiphilic Architectures
Alloys & Blends
Compatibilization Of Polyester/PPO Blends
Recent Patents
New Polymer/Plastic Ventures
Shell Chemical's New Corterra Polyester Product Line
DuPont/Hitachi Chemicals' JV On Polyimide Coatings
Bayer/GE Plastics Polycarbonate Auto Window Venture

May - June, 1997 (.doc file)

Hoechst/Mitsui Metallocene Based Cycloolefins
DuPont/U. of North Carolina Ni & Pd Based Cycloolefins
Intelligent Gels
Alloys & Blends
PBT Modified With Functional Polyolefins
Recent Patents
Nanostructure Technology
IBM's Nanophase Organic-Inorganic Hybrids
Nanostructured Enhanced Self Assemblies

March - April, 1997 (.doc file)

High Performance Polymers
New Mitsui Toatsu Si Containing Polymers
Polyimide Color & Monomer Electronic Features
Gene p53 & Cancer Defense
Oral Drug Delivery & Gene Therapy
Smart/Functional Polymers
New Blue Light Emitting Diode
Alloys & Blends
Compatibilization of Nylon 6/PES Blends
Crystalline/Amorphous PET Blends
Recent Patents

Jan - Feb, 1997 (.doc file)

Smart/Functional Polymers
Liquid Crystal Display Advances
Novel Electroluminescent Devices
Nova's SclairTech Process
Alloys & Blends
New Automotive Applications
Recent Patents
Engineering Resins
Shell Chemical's Carilon Polyketone