PEL PLASTICS UPDATE highlights recent progress in key areas of polymer/plastics technology including: catalysis, biopolymers, smart/functional polymers, alloys & blends, nanotechnology, polymer modification and new ventures.

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March - April 2001

Smart/Functional Polymers
High Memory Data Storage Via Scanning-Probe Microscope Assemblies
Shape-Memory Polymers For Use In Stents, Catheters, & Sutures
Lithography & Dendrimers
New DUV & E-Beam Chemically Amplified Resist Materials
Light Harvesting Dendrimers For Solar Energy Conversion
Patterned Films Via ROMP For Fabricating Microelectronic & MEMS Device Features
One Step Polymerization Of Maleic Anhydride/Styrene Block Copolymer
Alloys & Blends
Property Enhancements In Polyketone/Ethylene Propylene Copolymer Blends
Recent Patents: Nanocomposite Production, Modified Organopolysiloxane
Elastomers, & Fluoropolymer/Liquid Crystal Composite Articles New Polymer Ventures
DuPontís iíTechnologies & Rohm and Haasí Shipley Co. Form Joint
Development Team For Next generation Semiconductor Chips