PEL PLASTICS UPDATE highlights recent progress in key areas of polymer/plastics technology including: catalysis, biopolymers, smart/functional polymers, alloys & blends, nanotechnology, polymer modification and new ventures.

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September - October, 2002

Novel Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Research & Applications At Various Universities
Nano-pattern Transfer For Magnetic Storage & Advanced Electronics At IBM
MIT Institute Of Nanotechnology Formed Via U.S. Army Grant & Industry Partners
Alloys & Blends
New Microcellular Foams Of Polysulfone/Polybenzimidazole Blends For Aerospace
Recent Patents/Electronics & Automotive
Cellular Low Dielectric Constant Polyimide For Circuit Substrates (Nitto Denko) USA
Prepregs Of Liquid Crystal Polyarylate Fibers & Laminates (Hitachi Chemical) Japan
Fluoropolymer Blend Photoresist Compositions For DUV Lithography (DuPont) World
Directly Paintable Polypropylene Graft Copolymers For Automotive (Basell) World
Polymeric Coatings/Auto Glazing
Bayer/GE Plasma Deposition Coatings On Polycarbonate Near Targeted Glass Levels
Specialty Polymers/PVC
Advances In Innovative PVC Materials For Automotive, Medical, Wire & Cable
New Polymer Ventures
Dow Corning Expands Beyond Silicon Products By Acquiring Compounder Multibase Serving Packaging, Automotive & Appliance Markets

January - February, 2002

Polymer Nanowires On Silicon Wafers Via AFM Direct Write
Synthesis Of Functional Pd And CdS Nanoparticles
Smart/Functional Polymers
Composite Polymer Film Sensor Array For Vapor Detection
Metallocene Based Cyclic Olefin Copolymers Of Varied Tg & Applications
Alloys & Blends
Ultrasonic Vibrations During Extrusion Yield PP/EPDM Blends Without Compatibilizer
Recent Patents
Blends Of PVDF and Aromatic Polyimide (Ausimont) USA
Aromatic Polycarbodiimide Preparation (Nitto Denko) USA
Electrochemical Sensors From Conductive Composites (Pirelli Cables) USA
Nanoscopic Polyacrylamide Microspheres With Magnetic Core (Harbin Eng. U.) China
Thermoplastic Elastomers
PBT Cyclic Oligomer Forms Tailored Elastomers Via Reactive Extrusion
New Polymer Ventures
Solvay Is Purchasing Ausimontís Fluorinated Specialties Business
GE Plastics Is Acquiring LNP Engineering Plastics Business From Kawasaki Steel Corp