PEL PLASTICS UPDATE highlights recent progress in key areas of polymer/plastics technology including: catalysis, biopolymers, smart/functional polymers, alloys & blends, nanotechnology, polymer modification and new ventures.

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Sept. - Oct., 2000

Nanotechnology New Ordered Arrays Via ATRP With Applications In Electro-Optics &IT
Electric Fields Orient Nanoscopic Domains With Applications In Lithography
Smart/Functional Polymers
Novel Electro-Optic Chromophores For Telecomm, Info. Processing & 360° Radar
Fuel Cells
New Polyimide PEM Fuel Cell Membranes
Alloys & Blends Patents
Dendrimers & Hyperbranched Polymers
Templating Agents For DUV Lithography
Effective Disposal Of PP/EPDM Automobile Bumpers
New Materials/Biotechnology Venture
DuPont and MIT Form R&D Alliance In Biologically EnhancedMaterials

May - June, 2000

Engineering Resins
New GE PPO Technologies & Applications
Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization For Micro Transfer, Hybrid Polymers, & Controlled Polymer Growth On Silicon
Dendrimers For Safer Gene Therapy & Cancer Treatment
Alloys & Blends
Polypropylene/PET Blends With Property Enhancements
Recent Patents
New Polymer Ventures
Phillips Petroleum/Chevron JV
DuPont/Fluor Daniels Alliance

Jan.-Feb., 2000
Millennium Issue

Polymers & Plastics In The 21st Century
Implementation Of Biotechnology
Development Of Green Processes & Products
New Material Designs For The Automotive Industry
Innovations Targeted For The IT Revolution
Use Of E-Commerce To Enhance Profitability & Globalization
New Nanocomposite Glass-Adhering Hydrophobic Fluoropolymer Coatings
Smart/Functional Polymers
Dendritic Light Harvesting Polymers With Potential In Optoelectronic Devices
Advances In Transition-Metal Olefin Polymerization Catalysis
Alloys & Blends
Enhanced HIPS Performance Via Functional Elastomers
Nylon6/PS Blends From End Functional PS Prepared By ATRP
Toughened PPS targeted For Electrical/Electronic Applications & Automotive Parts
Recent Patents
New Plastics Ventures
Shell And BASF Forming One Of Largest Worldwide Polyolefins Business
Cyclics Corp. Will Produce Composites From Cyclic Oligomers Using GE Patents

Sept.-Oct., 1999

Nanocomposite Materials Conference Near Anchorage Alaska
GE's New PPE/PA Carbon Nanotube Composites For Painting Auto Exterior Panels
PBT Clay Nanocomposites For Electrical Connector Market
Macro Composites
Improved Fiber/Matrix Adhesion In Aramid Fiber/SEBS Composites
Smart/Functional Polymers
Two-Photon Absorption Polymer Systems For 3D Optical Memory & Microlithography
Polymer Modification/Lithography
Advances In Imaging Materials Presented At New York ACS Meeting Aug. 22-26
Alloy & Blend Patents
Selected Patents
New Polymer Ventures
DuPont Polyester Strategy Of Global 50:50 Joint Ventures

May-June, 1999

New Monomeric Routes To PS and PMMA Nanocomposites
Clay Sheet Separation Via Ionic Or H-Bonding
Core-Shell Route To Nanocomposites
Macro Composites/Pultrusion
New Pultrusion Material And Process Based On Thermoplastic Urethane
Polyolefins XI Conference Held In Houston Feb. 21-24
Alloys & Blends
Syndiotactic Polystyrene/Thermoplastic Polyurethane Blends
Recent Patents
New Environmentally Friendly Ventures
DuPont Builds Development Facility For Supercritical CO2 Polymerization

Jan.-Feb., 1999

New TPO/Clay Nanocomposites From GM/Montell
Exterior Body Panels From AlliedSignal/BMW-MercedesChrysler
Biodegradable Polymers
Niche Markets/New Plants/New Materials
Smart Functional Polymers
High Volume Data Storage From Bell Labs
Alloys & Blends
PP/N6, PE/N6, PP/PBT Via Oxazoline Functionality
Selected Patent
New Ventures/Products
Dow and BASF Focus on Product Development in 1999